Trapper Schoepp - "What You Do To Her" (f. Nicole Atkins)

Was good fun tracking this project at Wire & Vice even though the subjects being tackled on Trapper’s latest were heavier than a lot of pop/rock records. I engineered and dialed up tones for album producer Pat Sansone (of Wilco and The Autumn Defense), and we were helped throughout the sessions by assistant engineers Ian Olvera and Matt Hintz.

From divorce to AIDS/HIV, the album addresses a variety of salient subjects with lyrics than span the personal and the universal. And Atkins isn't the only indie scene mainstay involved in Primetime Illusion – Wilco's Pat Sansone produced the album, which was recorded in Milwaukee in record time.

"Trapper was a very hard worker, and we got a lot done in a relatively short time in the studio together," Sansone says. "I assumed that we would need to schedule some additional time possibly in my studio in Nashville to finish up some vocals and overdubs, but in reality we got it all done in those 10 days in Milwaukee…. And Trapper's band, including his brother Tanner Schoepp, worked really hard and had a great vibe in the studio."

via Billboard