Abby Jeanne - Music Box Dancer


The minute I heard Abby Jeanne’s voice I knew I wanted to produce her record. I told her so that night, 12 hours before she left for India. 😳

When she got back we eventually started creating some tracks together at my studio, and a couple of those bits made it into the world last year in a few places, both online and physical... but as of today you can now hear the completed picture, her killer new album Music Box Dancer.

Please go check it out, and buy it if you dig it!

It’s always fun when I get to play on the records I produce—although I almost always prefer to hire players who are way better than me—and I got to sing and play drums, percussion, and keys/celeste/Wurly on this one. I also want to express my deepest thanks to the many people who joined us on this project and lent their support, skills, musicianship, and creativity to these songs :

  • Ian Olvera - assistant engineer

  • Justin Perkins - mastering at Mystery Room Mastering

  • Palmer Shah - guitar

  • William Rose - drums

  • Pat Reinholz - cello

  • Nick Perow - guitar

  • Mark Yencheske - bass, upright bass

  • Antonio Ninham - drums

  • Darren Sterud - trombone

  • Jonathan Greenstein - sax

  • Andrew Trim - guitar

  • Anthony Deutsch - keys

  • Jamie Breiwick - trumpet

  • Christopher Porterfield - synth bass

  • Barry Paul Clark - bass

  • Devin Drobka - drums

  • Mama Michelle Gurn - hand claps